Our History

JWBurroughs.jpgJohn W Burroughs (1838-1918) was one of Tazewell Counties most well known and popular citizens. He was a self made man through industry and hard work he accumulated a fortune and was one of the prominent land owners and farmers in the county. His greatest hobby was growing and perfecting the breeding of corn. His especial effort was to produce large ears and high yields. John W being of prominence settled many controversies and arbitration cases. He was always found working for the good of the community and church.

JohnW__JohnC.jpgThomas W Burroughs (1869-1946) (dark hair and mustache) was a blacksmith and farmer who lived his life on the home farm. Thomas and his wife Catherine had six children of which John C was the second youngest. John was born and later passed away in the same room of the farm house.

John-Eleanor-Burroughs.jpgJohn Burroughs (1906-1993) married Eleanor and farmed his entire life. John was known for being the first in the area to have the latest and most innovative equipment. He was active in the community through civic duties and helping the neighbors with butchering, threshing or running the local saw mill. John and Eleanor had two children, Mary and Calvin. Calvin began farming at a young age and in 1973 partnered with Mary's husband Don Brecher. Calvin married Diana in 1964. They have three children – Scott, Melissa and Kurt.

Calvin-Scott.jpgIn 2010, Calvin and Scott formed Burroughs Farms, LLC as a result of Scott buying out Don’s interest in the farming operation.  Kurt and Melissa’s husband Kevin Mohr are active in the farming operation.