About Us

“Burroughs Farms incorporates family values and integrity with a proven track record of being a good steward of the land”

Burroughs Farms, LLC

There have been tremendous changes occurring in the livestock industries over the recent decades. Calvin and Scott believe the grain industry is embarking on the same journey only with a much shorter time line. Burroughs Farms incorporates family values and integrity with a proven track record of being a good steward of the land along with the ability to manage larger systems and delivering products with a high level of safety and traceability to the end user.

Who We Are

Calvin Burroughs

Calvin’s reputation precedes him as a high integrity, honest and well respected person and farmer. He has and does hold numerous Director positions off-farm with various groups from Farm Bureau to the local grain cooperative to Morton Fire District. He, like his father and grandfathers before him, know the value of hard work, honesty and a man’s reputation. Calvin’s generosity and willingness to lend a hand to those in need regardless of age or social status is well known. Calvin and his wife Diana raised three children that have walked down three distinctively different paths in their family and professional lives but all have active interest in Burroughs Farms.

Scott Burroughs

Scott is a graduate of Iowa State University where he majored in Animal Science and also has an associate degree in Agriculture Business Management from Illinois Central College. After three years as manager of the family pork production operation in Central Illinois, he became Project Manager for the National Terminal Line Evaluation Program at the National Pork Producers Council, he then worked for the same organization as Director of Producer Networking. Scott joined Danbred North America in 1995 as National Production Director, becoming Vice President of Production and Business Development in 2000 and Executive Officer of Business Development in 2001. Scott joined Sand Systems/Furnas County Farms in 2003 as a consulting COO where he oversaw the operation of 50,000 sows farrow to finish in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota with the objective of transitioning Furnas County Farms through a sales process. Twelve months later Nebraska Pork Partners(NPP) was formed with Scott being a general partner and COO. NPP owned and operated over 80 farms in three states producing over one million pigs annually. The next seven years saw NPP rise to the 14th largest in North America with production and financial efficiencies in the top 10% of all entities. NPP was a well respected sound company who supplied nearly a quarter of the pigs processed by Farmland in Crete, NE all of which had complete traceability from conception to the consumer under the Process Verification Program. In March of 2011, NPP was sold to The Maschhoffs in a mutually beneficial transaction for both shareholders and more importantly the NPP team of people. Today, Scott is President and CEO of Burroughs Farms.