“Burroughs Farms utilizes innovative technologies to improve efficiencies, increase throughput and lower costs.

Product Identity Preservation

Burroughs Farms utilizes innovative technologies to improve efficiencies, increase throughput and lower costs. We strive to be early adapters of technologies that add to the bottom line.

GPS was once used just for the military but now can be found in most cars on the road. The GPS in your car is likely within 10 feet of accuracy. We utilize a system called Trimble VRS Now, which is accurate to within ¾ of an inch and repeats this accuracy year after year. All production tractors and combines we operate are on auto-guidance (automatically steer through the field). This level of accuracy and automation allow each pass through the field to maximize equipment capacity while giving the operator more time to monitor and fine tune equipment efficiencies on each pass.

The planting process is highly monitored and controlled through GPS as well as several other sophisticated monitoring processes. Individual rows are shut off as they enter a grass waterway or cross a headland thus preventing over planting, which saves on seed and increases yields. Population monitoring, consistency of seed placement and many other functions of the planter are also controlled and monitored. Rugged handheld computers equipped with GPS, cameras and email allow scouting of the growing crop so that problem areas can be identified and precise areas treated if needed.
Harvesting operations are monitored and measured in a very similar manner to planting. Harvest moisture, yields and many other traits are measured continuously throughout the field. This information is all recorded with GPS coordinates to identify problem areas or compare various production practices.

The planting, scouting and harvest data along with tillage operations throughout the season are all recorded in a central database. Soil test result, yield data and soil types are overlaid in complex maps to determine the proper combination of production inputs to maximize yields in a low cost approach.

Most grain is forgotten once it is on the truck and headed to drying and storage. This is NOT the case for the grain dried and stored by Burroughs Farms. We know, as our customers do, the best raised crop can become unusable and unsafe if not stored and monitored properly.

We utilize a system called GuardianACTION that monitors grain in storage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Should an unusual change occur, phone calls, text messages and emails are automatically sent out to all responsible parties and their supervisors. The end result is we deliver a higher quality and safe product to our customers then can be derived through 95% of all other grain storage and handling entities.