“Burroughs Farms takes great pride in caring for the environment while constantly improving season after season”

Burroughs Farms, LLC has a long history of caring for the environment. We strive to be in harmony with our neighbors and consumers. We subscribe to methods of continual improvement. Each season we research and employ different processes and procedures so that we can be even more environmental friendly while providing safe and wholesome products to our customers.

Practices Burroughs Farms utilizes to be environmentally safe stewards of the land:

  1. We feed our crops small amounts of nutrients throughout the growing season as needed. This is in contrast to common practices whereby large quantities are applied one time in the fall prior to the next growing season.
  2. We plant seeds that grow stronger, healthier, more resilient to disease and in return, produce safe and wholesome products to our customers. Versus planting seeds that require increased amounts of chemicals.